AMP-ASCO-CAP recommendations:

The recommendations provide a four-tier classification system for cancer genetic (somatic) variants based on the availability and significance of clinical and genomic evidence. The level of evidence is also catalogued into four groups. Group A contains genetic knowledge in oncological professional guidelines or therapeutic information for an FDA-approved drug for a particular type of cancer. Group B includes reported knowledge in well-powered studies with consensus (gene-tissue vector) by specialists. Group C includes knowledge about a drug investigation for a specific tumor type, an FDA-approved drug for any given tumor type, or knowledge from a few small studies with limited gene-tissue consensus. Group D includes data about preclinical trials or preliminary publications with no consensus (Fig. 1).

Figure 1: The AMP-ASCO-CAP (2017) guidelines for genetic variant interpretation in tumors.


Clinically Actionable Cancer Somatic Variants

We incorporated the AMP–ASCO–CAP recommendations into a new computational method (Fig. 2). The new classifier was applied to annotate publicly available somatic variants that are trouble-free on most NGS platforms and we developed a clinically actionable cancer somatic variants (CACSV) dataset.

Figure 2: The adaptive algorithm for the AMP–ASCO–CAP recommendations.